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Welcome to our second  website!

This is only for coming together as a community at the moment!This would be where you meet other players so that you can play server together and things like that

More Pages Soon!At this point there is limited stuff to do but we will fix  this

We have Friendly Admins!Our admins are nothing but FRIENDLY do not hesitate to ask for help
Setting Up An Awesome ForumWe have an awesome forum for this website it we are developing it to make it even more awesome

There are team ranks and much more!You can acually become new ranks in your team and just for posting enough stuff and being on for a certaim amount of hours or times
We're here to help you!
We're always on hand to give you help and answer your questions. Please visit the help page if  one has been created at this time. If not go to forums and ask there Hint: Give it a Good Topic Name so we can tell it's importance
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